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endotracheal tube with syringe

Beyond better NMB monitoring solutions and apps, diarobo is developing products for anesthesiologists to improve their day and their patient's care.

A Better Bite Block

Guidel airways of various sizes.  Colorful, but not the 3Bee - 
								Better Bite Block.

Guedel airways: pretty and useful, but should not be employed as bite blocks. Please click on the image to see the Better Bite Block.

Bite blocks are used to prevent dental damage and Negative Pressure Pulmonary Edema (NPPE) due to post-anesthesia emergence clenching.

Shown in the picture are oropharyngeal airways (a.k.a. Guedel airways), sometimes used as bite blocks. These airways can work but are not perfect due to their hard plastic being tough on teeth. Biting can fracture Guedel airways and as reported in [Burton J et al, "Dental damage during anesthesia". Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, 1987:15:262-8] , 20% of cases of dental damage may be due to their use.

The 3Bee - Better Bite Block is an improvement on this for its reduction in risk of dental damage. Please click here to go the 3Bee - Better Bite Block page.

Patents pending.


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